Surprise! GM mistreats workers

Not much has changed….

People that would consider buying one of their vehicles probably don’t give a rats arse either way. Micheal Moore made this movie about GM’s “hiring and firing practices” in 1989. It made his career. Not sure how much the film affected GM’s earnings.


Mega-corporations are notoriously hard to reach. Throughout Moore’s first film, the comedy and tragedy was how removed Moore was from Roger’s world.

Walmart’s no stranger to controversy, Moore targeted them in 2002. Activists have recently spoken out against Walmart, this time they’re torturing pigs.

These companies still suck and they’re making money, lots of it.


“GM fired nearly 200 workers from its plant in Colombia after they suffered injuries on the job. A group of these workers has been camped out in protest by the U.S. Embassy since August 2011. GM continues to refuse compensation to them”.

Solidarity actions have been held in Michigan and Portland, OR.  As a result of their struggle, working conditions have improved in Colombian factories. Unfortunately, this victory won’t pay their medical bills. I filmed a group of activists in Portland holding a Solidarity action.

If you want to look at more mega-corporations, these charts are really neat.

To learn more about Asotrecol :


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